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Art House Hotel

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Why Us

Imagine you are one of the five stars of the Art House Hotel and have fun inside This hotel was built from a 400-year-old windmill on the sides of the Barada River and was restored in a way that preserves its traditional Damascene architecture, which made this hotel unique is that it combines the old and the modern and is also a gallery where artists display many of their artworks. wherever You look inside this hotel you will find paintings and sculptures and you will feel like you are inside a wonderful art gallery.

Welcome to Art House

When visiting Damascus, whether the goal is work or relaxation, ART HOUSE is your ideal choice as it provides a mixture of value, comfort, and beauty. This hotel is distinguished by its location in the center of the capital, Damascus, which enables visitors to easily access it and to all parts of this beautiful city.

Art House

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Choose from a variety of sizes and styles.


This hotel offers unique experiences due to its distinctive facilities:


Our mission in this picturesque place is to transport you to another world full of calm, comfort, relaxation, and health..

Arch Restaurant

Enjoy a special meal in one of the most important restaurants in the city of Damascus, which has a unique design and delicious dishes.

Da Vinci Restaurant

It has a charming view of the city of Damascus, and this restaurant provides a light meal with a brilliantly prepared drink from the list of specialized drinks


Choose from a variety of sizes and styles.